bow – atshapi / arrowakashku

How would you survive on the land today without a gun? If you had a fishing hook or net, you might be able to catch some trout or char. With some wire, you could make a snare to catch partridges or rabbits. In the old days before settlement, the Innu caught fish, partridges and rabbits using these methods. But they also used spears and bow and arrows, even after they acquired guns. Hunting small game with bow and arrows allowed one to save ammunition for larger animals and emergency situations.

Audio Listen to Tshishennish Pasteen describe hunting with bow and arrows

Audio Listen to Matinen (Rich) Katshinak describe partridge hunting with bow and arrows

Audio Listen to Pinamen (Rich) Katshinak describe hunting with a bow and arrow before rifles

Audio Listen to Shimun and Manian (Ashini) Michel describe the different types of bows and arrows

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