doll - innikueu

Innikueu (doll) were made by Innu men and women for their children. Both male and female dolls were made, usually out of wood, wool and cloth obtained in trade, or caribou hide. When not made out of wood, the dolls would be stuffed with rags or tea. “Tea dolls” were a great invention because they stored tea that could be used during hard times, when a family's main tea supply ran out.

Several women continue to make tea-dolls in Sheshatshiu and Natuashish. They are normally sold as crafts.

Audio Listen to Matinen (Rich) Katshinak describe how dolls were made

Audio Listen to Matinen (Selma) Michelin talk about how she made tea dolls

Audio Listen to Pinamen (Rich) Katshinak describe innishits

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