fleshing tool - mitshikun

Two very important tools are used to prepare caribou hides: mitshikun (fleshing tool) and pashkutshikan (scraper or beamer). Once the flesh and fur have been removed, the hide is soaked in a mixture of water and caribou brains or detergent and hung up to dry. At that point, the hide is cut into thin strips to use as babiche (for example, assiminiapi) for snowshoes or smoked so that it can be used to make moccasins, mittens, and other clothing.

Audio Listen to Sheshatshiu Elder, Manian (Ashini) Michel, talk about how the scraper is used to prepare caribou hide

Audio Listen to Sheshatishiu Elder, Shimun Michel, explain how he learnt to use the scraper by watching his mother

Audio Listen to Natuashish Elder, Pinashue Benuen, talk about caribou hide preparation

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