spear - shimakan

Tshiniuatipish, located on Mushuau-nipi, was one of the most important places where the Innu lived in the old days before settlement in government-built villages. This lake is a widening of Mushuau-shipu (George River). Here, the Innu would wait for the caribou herds to cross the lake. Men and women would paddle out in their canoes to intercept the swimming caribou. A quick thrust with a sharp spear would wound an animal enough so that it died near the shore, where it would be butchered for food, clothing, babiche, and tepee coverings.

Audio Listen to Tshishennish Pasteen describe the danger of caribou hunting from a canoe

Audio Listen to Matinen (Rich) Katshinak talk about caribou hunts from canoes

Audio Listen to Etuat Mestenapeo reminisce about caribou hunting with spears

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