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Innu history is a history about life on the land told through stories. Grandparents share these stories with their children and grandchildren who become the custodians of Innu history for future generations. The museum objects displayed on this web site come from the history of the Innu people. Many of them are no longer made or used by the Innu, and knowledge of them is but a distant memory to a handful of Tshishennuat (Elders).

In this section, information about these objects is presented through stories about life on the land where the objects were being used. Two stories are told here through the eyes of a teenage boy and girl: Shimiu Pasteen, a teenage boy from the Mushuau (Barren ground) territory to the north; and Shanut Pun, a teenage girl from the Akamiuapishku (Mealy Mountains) territory to the south.

The people in these stories are almost all fictional (not real names), but the places, activities, and events described are inspired by the real life experiences of Innu people in the days before settlement.

The spellings of some of the place names are not yet finalized. They still need to be validated with Innu experts. The names requiring validation are marked with an asterisk*.


Pun Family

Route 1 —

Tshishe-shatshu to Nekanakau

Pasteen Family

Route 2 —

Mushuau-nipi to Emish

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