Tshishe-shatshu to Nekanakau

Travel with Shanut and her family as they leave Tshishe-shatshu and camp in the bush. Learn about the ancient craft of canoe-making from her grandparents, visit the graves of Elders, discover how to dry caribou meat and prepare caribou bone marrow.

The people in this story are fictional (not real names), but the places, activities, and events described are inspired by the real life experiences of Innu people in the days before settlement.

Family members

  • Pien Pun (father)
  • Anishen (Kanikuen) Pun (mother)
  • Penash Pun (eldest daughter)
  • Shanut Pun (youngest daughter), traditional name - Apikushish ("Mouse")
  • Shinipesht Pun (eldest son)
  • Matiu Pun (infant son)
  • Tshimitshikan (the dog)
  • Pashin Penashue (cousin)
  • Grandparents Mishen Pun and Aniet (Penashue) Pun

Other families:

  • Pinip and Manian Penunsi and children
  • Pien and Mani-Katinen Pastitshish, their children and her parents.

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