Mushuau-nipi to Emish

Travel with Shimiu and his family as they make their way up the coast. Learn about the ancient ways of caribou hunting, visit the trading post, discover dog sledding, play target practice with slingshots, and enjoy a caribou feast in a shaputuan.

The people in this story are almost all fictional (not real names), but the places, activities, and events described are inspired by the real life experiences of Innu people in the days before settlement.

Family members

  • Kanikuen Pasteen (father)
  • Shanimen (Mestenapeo) Pasteen (mother)
  • Shimiu Pasteen (eldest son)
  • Shushepin Pasteen (eldest daughter)
  • Tanien Pasteen (youngest son)
  • Shutit Pasteen (passed away from the measles)
  • Pitshu (the dog)
  • Nipishapui (another dog, Pitshu’s pup)
  • Grandparents – Atika and Anitshishkueu

Other families

  • Nui and Nishapet Pastiwet
  • Antane and Munik Poker.

*Place names with an *asterisk* beside them require validation with Innu experts.

This story is told through the eyes of the eldest son, Shimiu Pasteen.

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