Etuat Mestenapeo


[Dogs] are really intelligent during stormy weather. One time when we were hunting caribou at Kaushetinati [ridge mountains north of Ashuapun, having the shape of eskers], we got caught in a blizzard. The morning had started out very nice, but very suddenly, it turned really bad. We had killed caribou at around noon. Tomas Noah was with us. I was traveling with Shan-Shushep and Tshishennish. We couldn't see the track. You would not know where to go. It was so bad, it was like night-time, and I was leading the hunting group. We took care of each other, keeping an eye out for the other. We could hardly see the dog team or their lines in front of us or our friends behind us where it was bad. The leader of the dog team led us through the storm, following the easterly wind...The dogs brought us into our camp safely. It was really blowing hard and you couldn't see a thing. The weather got better when we arrived home.