The late Tshishennish Pasteen


Tomas and I used to play with that a lot when we were kids. He asked me one time who could throw the farthest, and if we could throw across the creek. I gave it my first shot but I didn't throw very hard. I swung it around, and when I let go, it hit Tomas right in the jaw. There was a huge swelling and bruise on the side of his face. He said it didn't hurt. We were afraid to go home because we knew our parents were going to be mad. We were only kids. When we finally went home, his mom pulled his scarf off his face that he was trying to hide. She noticed his lump and asked him, what happened. "What is wrong with you boys? You are going to kill each other one of these days." We were living at Uashkanikanish (Fort McKenzie) then. There was an outpost store there, and lots of tents on the shore.