Story 2

My life in the country was fun. We did everything. I'll tell you a little about my Innu life. It was fun. We went canoeing and picking berries and the boys would go hunting. The elders would teach the girls to make bread, and we would sew, like making stuff with beans, and pick boughs, and put them in the tent, and cook Innu food.

We would all eat together, and kids would play in the sand, and gather rocks, and throw them in the water. The girls would go for a walk, and if we saw a partridge, we would use a slingshot, and kill them. We would pluck the feathers and cook it, and eat it.

Sometimes kids would make swings, and the swings were so much fun. And sometimes, we went fishing, sometimes swimming, but not always, only when we felt like it. When we saw a porcupine we would hit him with a stick on the head because Innu don't shoot porcupine, beaver or rabbit, because they wouldn't be good, and they would smell.

We went to sleep early, like maybe around 7:00 pm, because if we don't sleep, we'll see Katshimitsheshut. That is some kind of ghost. The elders say it throws rocks at tents when kids are loud and they don't listen.

Then my mom's brother would come and take the boys out hunting, and us girls would be left behind to clean, cook, get some water from the river, and make a fire, and burn marshmallows, and hotdogs. Then we would sit at a fire and talk. When the boys would come back, we would play baseball or soccer, and the parents and Elders would rest by going to sleep for a while because they just came from hunting.

When it's winter, we would go sliding and play in the snow, playing with my little brother and sisters. Then we would go for a drive to visit other Innu, and go to their tents, and have some tea. The Elders would talk and talk for about 2 hours, and we would go home. My dad would make a fire, and we would play cards or board-games, and have a nice family moment. We would laugh, and have a nice family time, and we would all go to sleep.

This is my story as an Innu girl.

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