Story 3

My life in the country was wonderful and exciting, also peaceful. First thing my dad would do would be to get up and start a fire, and he would eat and wake up my brothers and eat, and then go hunting for porcupine and partridges.

Me and my cousins would stay back and clean up, and make the beds. Then we would go fishing. We would also try to make a swing around a tree. We would walk around in the woods, then we would go to my aunt's cabin and visit my aunt. Then my uncle would ask my dad to go hunting for geese. Then the girls would be left behind to clean and cook before they got back.

Also, we would go to a river to get some water, and we would take a .22 rifle just in case we saw a partridge. We would go to bed early because we all got up early, and we would hear loons by the lake, and look at, and listen to, them because it sounded so peaceful.

Afterwards, we would help cook some Innu food like rabbit, partridges, beaver and caribou, and help make Innu bread. The break tastes really good with the gravy. After we were done eating, we would stand outside and listen to the animals, and lie down on the ground, and look at the stars. One can see them up very well because in the country, there are no lights.

When we saw a porcupine, we would get a stick and hit it on the head, or choke it. We would shoot it only if it climbed up a tall tree. If we got it, my aunt would start a fire and then put the porcupine on the fire so the hairs on the porcupine would burn. Then she would take a knife and skin the porcupine, then cut it and put a stick around the stomach, and you would have to blow it, and then cook it.

We would usually stay for a month, then go back home.

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