Story 4

I remember when we went camping with both of my grandparents including my parents. Me and my mother, including my grandmother, went berry picking while my father and my grandfathers went hunting for spruce partridges.

My grandmother told me that the partridge berries have to be respected because the reason they are red is because when Jesus was put on the cross, his blood fell from the sky, and on to the ground. That's why partridge berries are red.

After me and my grandmother were finished, me and mom went for a walk in the woods. We saw rabbit paths, and my mom set up a rabbit snare. And the next day, we went to check on the snare, and there was a rabbit there, and it was still alive! So my mother twisted the rabbit's neck.

On our way back to the tent, we saw two geese fly by. My dad came back with 26 spruce partridges, and my grandmother started taking the feathers out, and I helped her. After we were done, she cooked them. She used rolled oats and margarine, and when it was done, we used bannock.

That's how our day ended. It ended with love, peace and full stomachs.

When I was around eight years old, my grandparents took care of me. We would go in the country twice a year - spring and fall. While we were in the country, my grandfather would go hunting with my cousins. My cousins were around 14 years old. My grandfather would teach them to hunt and trap.

While my grandma and I were home, we would clean first. Wash the dishes and tidy up in the tent. When we finished, we would go fishing, sometimes for fun. My grandma would teach me how to clean the fish we caught. She would probably clean two fish, then she would give me the last one for me to clean. So when I caught fish next time, she wouldn't help me. She would just look at me clean the fish, and when I did something wrong, all she would say is, "No, no, no." So I stopped what I was doing and tried to remember when she was cleaning the fish. After I did everything right, my grandma, Elizabeth Penashue, would cook the fish for the boys, and while one was cooking, she even taught me how to cook. Giving me little hints what to do and not to do.

Then my grandpa came with my cousins. They sometimes brought beaver or porcupine and whatever they brought, my kukum would clean it right away. While they were eating, my grandma would clean the animals, and when the boys finished eating, my grandma would probably be done with the animal. Right after that, she would wash the dishes, and my grandma would tidy up again.

My grandfather, Francis Penashue, and his grandsons (my cousins) would go hunting again. And my kukum would be really tired. So she would take a nap. I could never fall asleep, so there was a swing that I would always go to when I was bored.

Then when the boys came, and my grandma got up, we would all be in the tent resting, like playing card games, and just having fun together.

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