Story 5

When I go to the country, I sometimes stay in our tent with my mom. She sometimes cooks me goose or caribou. When I go with my dad, he sometimes allows me to shoot caribou or partridge.

I used to go with my grandfather in the woods, and he told me how to respect animals. He also taught me how to aim and shoot an animal. My grandfather can't go to the country now because he can't walk. My grandmother taught me how to set up a tent, and to make spears for the tent. My grandmother also goes fishing with me. My grandfather also teachers me how to clean a caribou, while my father teaches me how to kill a porcupine. He told me that it may bite you, because he got bitten once by a porcupine.

Sometimes, me and my family walked in the woods to go hunting, fishing, or looking for porcupine. Sometimes my family left in the truck. When I was sleeping, my grandfather was in a coma for one month, then he awoke. He couldn't walk. We went to the country for one month. I had a stomach flu once, and we couldn't go hunting, because I always slept and laid down.

I still love caribou and geese. Many people now don't care about that culture. Don't want to go to the country any more, because of my grandfather's ill health, TV, computer, and video games.

I learned how to snare a rabbit when I was five or six. We used to control our own lives, but now the government controls our lives. The Labrador School Board teaches us in White man's ways. My grandfather still really cares about our culture.

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