Story 7

My experience about the country was, me, my grandpa, grandma and my family went camping to Grand Lake Road. When we got there, everybody would get out of the truck and wake up and stretch. My grandpa and father would set up the tent, and me and my sisters and grandma and mother would go pick some boughs.

My brother would take a nap in the truck for a long period of time. When we were finished with the boughs, we would come back and put them in the tent. My grandma and my mom would put the boughs on the floor of the tent. After they finished, we would go back to the truck and get the stove, bowls, spoons, some mattresses, and a carpet.

My grandma always used to have a bed with her when she went camping. So by 4:00, me and my sisters would get some water at the lake. The lake was so beautiful. When we got there, I would go down the hill to get some water. My sisters would play with the sand after I was finished. I would get some help carrying the water back to the tent.

When me and my sisters got back to the tent, we saw a mouse. When we got there, my grandma thanked us. My grandma would always boil the water.

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