Story 6

My grandpa told me this story. It was about the evil shaman and his son. Both of them went hunting for eggs at Peak Mountain. The father went in the canoe and the son did too. The mother stayed home cooking geese for them and herself. Each time the boy almost got there, the father kept blowing the island further away, and the son said "It's getting far." But he kept paddling until he got there.

The son got out of the canoe and on the island, as the father was coming to the son, and thinking of an evil plan. The father said, "I saw eggs over the hill." The son said, "Right there?" The father said, "No, go further over the hill." So the son went over the hill on the other side. When the father saw he was gone, he got ready to go in the canoe, and he paddled on back home.

So the son went to see if the canoe was there. But it was gone. He was so mad at his father, that he kneeled and said, "God, help me please." He said, "I'm stranded on this island." After five minutes, he saw the northern lights, and saw a respected caribou. So he sat on the caribou to travel over the lake and get back home.

When he got off the island, he thanked Jesus and the caribou by feeding him with berries. So, he went in the woods looking for his home, but when he saw fresh berries, he followed the berry path, and at the end of the berry path, were two witches in a tent. They knew he was coming, so he went close to the tent. The witches had sharp elbows like knives. So, the son took off his shirt, and put it into the tent, and the witches stabbed the shirt so many times they were stabbing themselves, and didn't notice it. So the son looked at them. They both died on the floor.

The son went looking for the tent. Instead he found his mother looking for berries. The mother went to him and hugged him. The mother said, "Are you okay?" The son say, "Yes, I'm alright. But father left me at the island." So, the mother went back to the tent, and talked to the father, and said, "Our son is back." The father said, "Oh, really, where is he?" The mother said, "Gone out to get some berries." So, the father hid a knife in his back pocket and said, "I'll be right back."

The father went out of the tent and saw his son. The son had a witch's knife. He said, "Go and get it." The son took his mother's hand and drew a circle. He said "You're going to be okay in the circle." So, the father went to try to kill his son, but the son had some help from the caribou. The caribou went to hit him. So the son went and took the knife from him, and stabbed him in his heart, so the two were left alone.

The son was happy. The father's dust went into the lake. So they would remember him. The son always prayed for his mother for not being ill. The end.

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