Manian (Ashini) Michel

Manian Michel was born in 1927 at Atshiku-nipi (Seal Lake). The daughter of Shuashim Ashini and An-Pinamen McKenzie (Mishta-An-Pinamen), she is one of 18 children, and the granddaughter of the famous Pinamen McKenzie (Mishta-Pinamen), who was well known for her religious faith and charitable work on behalf of her people.

Manian was widowed shortly after her first marriage, whereupon she married Shimun Michel in Sheshatshiu in 1949 and had 14 children with him. She spent much of her youth in the headwaters of Mishikamau-shipu (Naskaupi River) and at Ashtunekamuku. Shimun and she continued to live in this general area until the early 1960s when Shimun took up wage-employment in the village.

Manian is very experienced at making crafts, and takes special pride in her work. An expert at lacing snowshoes, making moccasins, and other items of apparel, she is eager to see Innu traditions survive into the future.

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