Sheshin (Rich) Rich

"My late husband Tame (Tommy) Rich and I had eight children. I have 34 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren. My husband died 20 years ago. He was a good provider. We spent a lot of time on the land. In our early years we traveled all over the territory by canoe and dog team. We did a lot of walking and hard work in the country."

"We hunted caribou, bears and small game like rabbits, partridges, porcupine, sea birds ducks, geese and fish. We used to trade furs at the Hudson's Bay Company store. My late husband trapped too. He traded furs like wolf, fox, beaver, muskrat, and marten."

"When I was younger I used to help Tshishennuat (Elders) cut wood, fetch water and pick boughs for their tents."

"Today, I still make moccasins and mitts, tan caribou hides and knit things.  I still spend some time on the land with my children. I taught country life skills to youth and young adults."

In the old days, "I always went in a canoe. We once traveled from Sheshatshit. Peneshikan (Ben Rich) built our canoe. The place called Kakatshu-utshishtun (Grand Lake) is where he left the canoe for us. He left a note for me saying that he had finished my canoe, and all I had to do was to paddle back. We went back with the canoe."

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