Munik (Gregoire) Rich

The daughter of Kanikuen Napeu and An-Pinamen Nkotaget, Munik married Pinip Rich in Old Davis Inlet in 1956. Munik is recognized far and wide for her extensive knowledge of traditional Innu ways and is a strong defender of Innu culture and land rights.

"My late husband, Pinip Rich, and I had seven children, four girls and three boys. I have over 30 grandchildren."

"I still work on crafts. I attend meetings and gatherings to support women and youth."

"I still go out in the country. I feel happier when I am in the country. I still eat country food. It makes me healthy and strong. My culture and tradition are very important to me. I still raise my grandchildren in the old ways. I still tan hides too. I taught my children and grandchildren how to do traditional things."

Before settlement in the village, "there were many things given to him [Mishti Uait - Richard White] including furs that the people hunted. These things were given to him. And this is how some people had food to eat, when they finished making crafts and other things to trade. There was no money. Only by trading things to Mishti Uait. As soon as someone finished [making] their things, they would go to trade. He would give food for trade. He had a store and food for sale. He never gave money -only food."

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