Nishapet Rich

The daughter of Shushepish Rich and Akat, Nishapet was born in 1939 at Natsheku (Harp Lake) inland from Big Bay on the north coast of Labrador. Nishapet never married, however she raised two boys - Richard Poker and Rocky Rich, who have their own families now. She is well-known in her community as an avid maker of moccasins and other Innu crafts which she decorates with the most beautiful beadwork.

"I have seven brothers and three sisters. I still do a lot of crafts and bead work. I do a lot of tanning hides. I taught students how to make crafts at the Mushuau Innu School."

"My father would tell me, 'You will never learn if you don't work hard. You will get lazy and you will be unmotivated.' That's what he used to say to me. Since then, I've taught myself to make these [designs]. I was told I had to make my own designs. This piece, here, is a star."

"My father used to walk everyday in the country. He would talk about a particular star. He wouldn't tell us what the star looked like. It was his secret. That's why I make different kinds of stars, because we don't know the true shape of the star. They look nice on moccasins. I get lots of compliments about them."

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