Matinen (Selma) Michelin

The daughter of Pien-Shushep Selma and Enen Menuatum, Matinen was born at Kaupashu (Lac Caopacho) in the Quebec part of Nitassinan in 1932. Mani-Matinen (Auass) Dominique was her midwife. In 1962, she married Jim Michelin from North West River, with whom she had 11 children. Growing up on the land, she visited many places throughout Innu territory including Uashat (Sept-Iles), Ashuanipi (Ashuanipi Lake), Minaiku (Menihek Lakes), Mushuau-shipu (George River), Ashtunekamuku (Snegamook Lake), Ashuapamatikuan (Shipiskan Lake), Kameshtashtan (Mistastin Lake), Atshiku-nipi (Seal Lake), Mishikamau (Michikamau Lake), Nekanikau (Sandgirt Lake), Mishikamau-shipu (Naskaupi River), and Sheshatshiu.

"Nowadays, I like doing traditional work like sewing. I can make moccasins, coats, wedding dresses - anything. I can dress and smoke caribou hides, and net snowshoes, and I make tea dolls as well. It was my mother who taught me how to sew and make things."

"I wish young people would learn from the old people how to make snowshoes and other Innu things. They could make crafts for the family or sell some of what they make. I wish my grandchildren could know more about the country. It was hard times back then though."

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