Shuashem Nui

Shuashem Nui was born in December 1934 just west of Kameshtashtan (Mistastin Lake). The son of Nuk Nui and Manian Rich, he married Manishan Pasteen in Old Davis Inlet in 1954, and had 8 children with her.

Like other people of his generation, Shuashem has in-depth knowledge of the land. Over the years, his life on the land has taken him from Nutak in the north to Mishta-nipi (Lac Mistinibi) in the west, as well as to Kameshtashtan (Mistastin Lake), Ashuapun (Border Beacon), Ashuapamatikuan (Shipishkan Lake), Ashtunekamuku (Snegamook Lake) and Sheshatshiu. He has been known to travel far inland on snowmobile all by himself on more than one occasion. His knowledge of Innu place names and geography is remarkable, making him one of the more expert Elders in his community.

Starting in the mid-1970s, Shuashem has been included in numerous research projects dealing with land use and occupancy, and environmental knowledge. He is often included in Elder expert committees that advise researchers and wildlife management bodies with respect to environmental matters. He has also served as an expert advisor to the Innu Nation's land claims negotiating team.

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