Anishen (Katshinak) Rich

Angela Rich was born on November 18, 1937, the daughter of Uniam Katshinak Sr. and Aniss Atika. In 1953, she married Neun Rich in Old Davis Inlet and had 10 children with him in subsequent years.

"I enjoy making crafts and cleaning animals brought back from the hunt. I enjoy the outdoors a lot, and learning from other Innu about the old ways like scraping hides and lacing snowshoes. When I was still living in the country, I did all kinds of things, like cleaning caribou hides and making niuanikan (powdered and, dried, caribou meat). I spent a lot of time in the country. When I was younger and in good health, I was very energetic. My late husband once told me to continue practicing the old ways."

"Living in the country could be very hard, especially during the winter when it's very cold. We could still travel during cold conditions in order to find food. One time we met Shushtin Rich's family in the country. They were travelling by dog team. Shushtin's mother had frozen her breasts in the cold air. I heated up some sand and poured water on it to make steam. I then soaked some fabric in the hot vapours and applied this to the woman's chest. She had pain for a couple more nights, but then she was okay again."

"If I was to send a message to the future generations, I would ask the young people to have faith in the Creator. That's what I did once when I was really sick and almost died. I asked the Creator to help me. When the young people are in trouble, they should do the same thing; ask the Creator for help and he will come to their assistance if they have faith."

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