Mara Thomas - Innu artist from Ekuanitshu, Quebec

My adventure with painting began in 1999. There was also a year of training before 1999. It's a childhood dream and painting is a source of freedom, creativity and escape. I can say that my relationship with painting is still young.

I live in Ekuanitshu because it is a magnificent place and I love nature. My creations are not limited to paintings on canvas. I also work on stone and leather. Sometimes, the ultimate goal becomes a dream catcher.

In the future, I would like to mount an exhibition that would tour abroad and make people aware of the beauty of Innu culture.

The name of the work is: The Loner.

In his heart, the Innu is free when he walks
In his spirit, the Innu is strong when he hunts
In his soul, the Innu is singular and genuine.

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